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Detect plugin problems v1.0

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Forum-hosted ZIP: 490 downloads

This is basically a small program to diagnose the reason effects and filetypes may not be working. Hopefully this should be easier than looking through the folders manually.


It can currently detect the following problems:

  • Subfolders in effects/filetypes folder.
  • Zip-files in effects/filetypes folder.
  • PDN assembly in effects/filetypes folder.
  • Corrupt plugins.

I should probably and may add the ability to fix problems but I haven't for the following reasons:

  • Doing so would require elevation in Vista yet it doesn't need that to just detect problems.
  • Unzipping files would require extra libraries.

Copyright © Simon Brown 2009

Use at your own risk.

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This will be very useful...And will probably save you and other plugin makers from having to discuss such things when someone can't get it working...

Just thinking how ironic it would be though if this plug-in didn't work itself...xD

EDIT-I should be careful what i think about...It seems it won't work due to it attempting to locate the file path "C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner\My Documents\Paint.NET\Effects" when my Effects folder is located at "J:\PDN\Effects"...I understand this is just because of my choice of running PDN off my USB Flash Drive...

Maybe adding an option to locate Effects folder manually would work?If that's possible for you...It would be much appreciated :D

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