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Very happy to find your product. It seems to be just what I need. My question: when the erase tool is used, should the desired effect be apparent instantly (should the lines I wish to erase disappear as it is being used)? When I use it to make some printed lines on my scanned picture disappear, I get what looks like a pencil tool line instead of a blank area. Am I using it correctly. I have tried to use the erase tool within the rectangle area, as suggested in the Help Topic but, still get a solid line when I use the erase tool. What shoud I do? Thank you.


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What you may be seeing is the checkered background indicating transparency.

When a portion of an image is transparent, there is a checkered background shown so you can tell where within the image body there is transparency. In order to facilitate saving .png or .gif files with transparency, any erased or cleared pixels are set to transparent. If you are not going to save in a file format that supports transparency (i.e. .jpg), the portions that are transparent will be set to white.

If you wish to color over the written words instead of erasing them, you can use the Paintbrush tool with the necessary background color.

If my assumptions of what you are seeing are incorrect, let me know. I just tested it myself, and I was unable to get any other result than the checked background. I know I've used some programs where the eraser tool set the pixels to the background color instead of actually erasing them, but PDN isn't one of them.

I hope that helps!


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