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How long do you spend on a picture?

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It depends. Sometimes I have a picture on the go for a week and just keep going back and making small changes until I am finally satisfied. Other times a picture just seems to flow out nicely and is done in an hour or so.

I usually find the best ones take the least amount of time to complete.



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Usually about 4-5 hours of beating my head on the wall, trying to think of something to do.

Then I get an idea, but after about an hour of work, I realize that it stinks.

So I start over.

From there, I decide to make the dumbest thing I can imagine, but while I'm doing that, I often stumble upon a neat effect.

I then spend 30 minutes or so trying to duplicate the effect, and another 45 minutes, testing out the variable outcomes...

After that it's about 3 days of on-and-off trying to get if to fit into something with out looking like crud.

...And then I usually don't use it at all. :D

Usually and hour or two to make something decent.

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longest was I think a matter of months. but then I was learning and developing new techniques and doing a lot of experimenting. (Indy picture and skull)

often I do small pictures inbetween the major ones.

and often I do many pictures or versions I do not post.

most take over a week maybe two weeks.

but when I get on a roll I can just about work on something 24/7.

ciao OMA

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Thanks for the replies :) I was just wondering because im making my picture pretty quickly now, of course my pictures noway near stand up to the likes of most peoples on here so i was wondering if it was the amount of time i put into a picture.

Anyway i often tend to spend about 3-4 hours on a piece of work and often about 20 minutes figuring how to do it then followed by about 30 minutes playing time :P

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Not very long, but I usually screw around with my pictures for an hour or two after I say "I'm done."

My best pieces, however, take around 10-20 minutes tops:

Takes Heart=10 minutes

Hidden Content:

Decay=15 minutes

Hidden Content:

I love Decay, because it's the only piece I made from SCRATCH, no stock, renders, anything! ^_^


-I may have not been here when you passed away, but you will be missed.-

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I made that piece a while back... :oops: If I remember correctly...

  • [*:5npexwwu]New 1050x1680 image
    [*:5npexwwu]random lines plugin
    [*:5npexwwu]duplicate x4
    [*:5npexwwu]invert on first
    [*:5npexwwu]mirrored into quarters on 2nd layer
    [*:5npexwwu]lumography on 3rd
    [*:5npexwwu]blur on...3rd layer?
    [*:5npexwwu]messed around with blend modes
    [*:5npexwwu]fragment and gaussian 2nd
    [*:5npexwwu]polar inversion a couple times in there :P
    [*:5npexwwu]layer with blurred gradient bars

Pretty much...like i said, damn, I should have made a tut... :evil:

Yeah, new canvas, and it just...flowed. :P It's the background on my portrait-oriented second monitor. :P


-I may have not been here when you passed away, but you will be missed.-

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