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How to use Paint.net to make T-shirts for SecondLife

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Hi, I want to know How to use Paint.net to make T-shirts for SecondLife.

I have a tutorial on using CS2 to do this.. it's found here:

http://www.secondlife-shirts.com/advanc ... torial.htm


http://olilas-secondlife.com/2007/11/tu ... ns-part-1/

And many other places on the Net.

I want to know how to do the same with Paint.Net, as I cannot get a copy of CS2.

I cannot study the CS2 that I do not have to understand what is going on.

If someone is up on the concept described in these pages please write me a short tutorial on how to do that in paint.net.

Thank You!

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Download the Robin Woods template (PSD version is the best) and you can use it on Paint.NET by using the Photoshop plugin available from the plugin section.

Use the templates to create your selections and use the photoflood/fill plugin (to fill in with a fabric of your choice...this plugin is also available in the plugin section) on other layers to create your texture.

Main thing is to get the Photoshop plugin installed so you can view the template on it's separate layers first, then experiment.

After you're happy with all the layers, merge the appropriate layers down and upload...only the portion defined by the avatar mesh shows on the texture.

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Thank you for the help!

However I cannot get it to work.

I donwloaded the photoshop file type plugin and not sure what to do with it since it was not an effect and there is no readme file (Yeah I read the sticky.. I think every plugin Must have a readme file) I stuck a copy off in Effects and in the Paint.net folder itself.. I don't seem to have any other 'plugin' folders that I can find. Er.. Of course I unzipped the dll and just moved the dll not the whole zip file.

The other plugin, photo flood and fill I put in the Effects folder.

The template file I have from Ron Woods is called 'RSW T-Shirt.psd' and it is 6,701 KB .

When I try to open this with paint.net it says it cannot recognize the file type.

What am I doing wrong? Did I get the wrong template file or is the photoshop plugin not installed correctly?

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