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Edit a folder of images, but not batch

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OK, to explain what I want to do:

I have a folder of images I want to prepare for publication. So I want to edit each image at least once, but I don't expect to do the same things to each image. IOW, I'm not looking to do a batch size conversion or such. Instead I want to select a folder (or go into a folder and select all the images in it), then bring up each image, edit it to my satisfaction, save the changes, and then go on to the next image in the folder.

I suppose I could just try to open all 166 images at once, but I suspect there might be a memory issue with that...


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Well, my kludge has been to move all the unedited images to one folder, then to save the edits to another folder, and then delete the unedited images. This would go a little faster if PDN could remember not only the last folder used to open, but also the last folder used to save.

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