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Sequential Saves - Any thoughts?

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I am not a graphic artist by any means, but I do a lot of scanning and touch-ups on my family photo albums.

I will cut, paste, save for hours.

I would love to see a sequential saving added.

It would only be needed per session. ie. paint001.xxx and default sequential up as you work. I will generally go back and do a mass rename after I've completed an album.

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Window Explorer could do that, you don't need paint.NET for doing the sequential saving, if you know how to do it then that is the most easy way nothing can compete it, anyways the procedure is:

Save all your files that you want them under same name in one folder, open this folder and highlight all the files by select them all, then right click on the first highlighted file, select "Rename" from the pop-up window, type the name ( like picnic.xxx, paint.zzz or party.yyy...etc.) , don't change the file extension just for this file ( jpg, gif, png......)and click any where empty space in the window, all the files will renamed automatically as picnic(1).xxx, picnic(2).xxx, picnic(3).xxx,picnic(4).xxx, picnic(5).xxx........picnic(n)

If you know this method then perfect, it may be helpful for other friends.

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