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invert around primary color

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Adjustments -> invertaroundprimcol377a1.png invert around primary color

version 1.1

You know "invert colors"? This plugin is quite similar except that you can invert colors around other colors. Look at the examples to understand.

If you want to make this picture look stamped-in instead of stamped-out, you can just use the normal invert colors effect

ex017fc96.png __ :InvertColors: invert colors__> ex02a6e43.png

But on this picture, it would be impossible to do that because it would look like this:

ex117f4cd.png __ :InvertColors: invert colors__> ex123b7e7.png

Now this plugin comes in handy. You take the color picker :ColorPicker: and select the middle color (like in the background of the picture) as primary color. The you use Adjustments->invertaroundprimcol377a1.pnginvert around primary color

ex117f4cd.png __invertaroundprimcol377a1.pnginvert around primary color__> ex13fc2ee.png

Another example: A middle orange has been selected as primary color. Note how every bump is inverted.

ex21bb213.png __invertaroundprimcol377a1.pnginvert around primary color__> ex2314c7b.png

With normal color inversion :InvertColors: the outcome would be like this: ex221f50a.png

:idea: A usage tip: If you don't know the middle color of your image, just resize it to 1x1 px and then colorpick the only pixel left. Undo the resize and then you can easily use my effect.

Let me see, what you use it for! I'm looking forward to other creative using ideas for this plugin :mrgreen:



added color wheel


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You are not misunderstanding anything as it seems. I'm working on it :)


This seems to be more difficult than I thought (maybe even impossible) due to the multithreaded rendering architecture of PdN. Would it also be a good thing to have a color wheel where you can select a color and see how it looks like?


color wheel added in v1.1

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I remember there was an average blur plugin lying about that gave the average color of your canvas. Maybe it can help?

[Edit] There, in KrisVDM's pack:


I already got helped with it in the Plugin Developer Central but I'm in the mid of my degree tests right now, so probably there won't be anything done until next week.

Duuude, this looks sweet - I've been wanting something that could do this! I'll download it after a week or so has passed and you've had time to fix any bug reports that come in. 8)


I think at the moment this plugin is just too simple to have serious bugs. It's made with codelab and not very complicated.

Thank you all for the feedback :)

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