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cartoon Guess Who

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Any interest in a cartoon guess who thread?

Post a pdn created cartoon of a celebrity. First person to guess correctly gets to submit the next cartoon, or open it up to anyone. Only rules are no copying of other people's cartoons and no obscure celebs like your local mayor.

If you like the idea, guess who this is and give it a go.


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Neither can I and yet you recognised Simon.

It was my first ever cartoon. Here is the trick for artistically challenged people like myself.

Find a photo of the celeb. Put a semitransparent white layer above this. On a new layer trace the obvious changes in contrast and lines. With a thinner pen hatch the shadow. Delete the original photo and you are done.

I used a brush set to 2 and the crayon (1) so I could easily change sizes and for a slip of the pen there is always the eraser.

Give it a go, I promise I won't laugh.

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Do you mind if I give it a go, then? I think benji shouldn't be forced to do something he doesn't want to. :)

Go for gold! >.<

If i recognize another ill try but not right now I have school work and I cant work on anything too time consuming

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Sorry - No, not Pink who is not British, I think? This star is a Brit.

Now I'm feeling that my cartoon is really, really bad. But once you

know who it is, I'm sure you'll say "Oh yes!". :lol:


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