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creat cutting tool


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i am new at programming plugins. I want to creat a cutting plugin. Why? My problem is the selction area is not fixed by coords and this takes much times for perfekt positioncut.


1. open scanned cd imagine

2. start plugin

3. give start coords (x=0,y=0) set constand selectionarea (x=1109; y=1200)

4. cut it


5. change dpi & size (also constand parameters)

6. save it as new file with out changing original file

Can i make it with the plugin "code lab" ? because i can't really c++ programming.

thanks for answer

best greetz yob.

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Hi Yob,

I'm glad you're interested in writing plugins, and am happy to help, but I can't shake the feeling that you might be missing a fairly easy technique for performing this crop operation.

Here's how I would do the crop:

1. Open your scanned image

2. Select all the image with the keyboard combo CTRL + A

3. Copy the image to the clipboard with the keyboard combo CTRL + C

4. Now create :FileNew: a new image, and type in the correct dimensions (1109 x 1200 pixels)

5. Hit the keyboard combo CTRL + V

6. A dialog box will open asking if you want to expand the canvas or not, select the keep original size option

7. The scanned image will be pasted onto the new 1109 x 1200 image with the move :MoveTool: automatically selected

8. Move the image around with the left mouse button until you have it positioned correctly

9. Save this image

This might be easier than writing a plugin :wink:

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Hi Ego Eram Reputo,

my problem is the time for finding the correct position because i want to edit 1600 imagines later :) .

Therefore, i would like to automate this process. I need a batch processing to be exact,

which unfortunately is not supported. So I would like to include such a plugin if it works :) .


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Check out Scriptlab

Especially the bit where Pyrochild says:

As of July 4, 2008, ScriptLab comes with ScriptLab Batch Processor, which allows you to apply an SLS script to an unlimited number of images at once.

I don't quite see the improvement in using a plugin, because you're still going to have to position the "crop window" each time aren't you? Won't this defeat the batch processing idea?

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Please excuse my english. I think I have expressed myself wrong. I want to automate the positioning of the crop window. That was the idea at least. A friend sent me a another possibility shown pictures of crop. This works for me, see picture.

With this tool i can trim and scale, exactly. I know of Scriptlab, unfortunately this feature is not included. Then it would be perfect 8) .

greetz yob.


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Thats the canvas resize. This link has more on it: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/ImageMenu.html

This will achieve (in a slightly different way) the idea I first explained. However, you will need to "Save as..," to keep the original file untouched as "Save" would overwrite the original.

Scriptlab: As a plugin (an add on to expand PDN capabilities), Scriptlab needs to be downloaded and then *.dll placed in the Paint.NET/Effects folder. Reopen Paint.NET and it should appear in the Effects>Advanced menu.

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