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Color Channel Mixer

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I have been working on an effect that can mix the channels (Alpha, Red, Green, Blue) in each color and perform addition and scaling on the channel.

For each channel the following is done

channel = ((source) + add) * scale

IF Invert

channel = 255 - channel


The "source" can be

- Alpha, Red, Green, Blue : standard channels in a color

- Default : orig value of channel

- Set : user defined value

- intensity : color intensity

If the source is "set" the value from track bar is used.

The add amount is next applied and can be -255 to 255.

The value can then be scaled (multiplied) by 0.0 to 10.0

And last the value can be inverted.

The order that channels are processed can be set with combo boxes or by clicking the labels with "->" to shift the order right.


Drag the dll into the "*\Paint.Net\Effect" folder and in the Effects->Photo menu "Channel Mix Effect" and a lightweight "Alpha Mixer" version should appear.


I uploaded both the effect file dll and the vs2008 solution if anyone cares to look at the source code.



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