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The Annoying Little Clone Stamp Trail.........

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Whenever I use the Clone Stamp tool, I notice that there's a secondary trailing clone stamp that appears after the target cloning. This tends to ruin the process, as it picks up on whatever it's cloning when I stamp it to the new location. :x

How can I get rid of it?

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That's how clone stamp works - you pick a point from which to start cloning, and then you start copying to a new location. Once the 2 positions have been set, they move together. It sounds like what you want is to copy only 1 part of the image, in which case copy + paste is more what you're looking for.


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Yeah...that's literally the point of clone stamp, and it's the way it works in every program that has it.


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Just clone between two separate layers. Problem solved.

It's a pain because you have to switch layers every time you redo your Ctrl+Click anchor setting, but it works.

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