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Raptor_101's Showcase 6/20/12: Solcursion Logo/Banner

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A suggestion for getting your sigs smooth as silk: make the image 4 times bigger than the finished product, then resize it down to 25%. Sure it slows the pc down but the results are so worth it.

I really like the sea eagle. Fabulous idea with the boxes! Very nice works despite the jaggies.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Interesting idea. Haven't tried it before. I couldn't do that with the F-15 one as it was pretty much that size.

Jaggies as in the boxes being somewhat jagged? Or something else? If it's the boxes I was going for the jaggged look, but I can see that that jaggedness doesn't work on some sigs. However it works perfectly with the green one for sure.


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A simple sig I did recently. Based off of some of the text and background effects used in some of the new Halo 4 videos.


and the white border around the image blends right in on this forum I just noticed lol.

Edited by Raptor_101

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