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Created Myself A Site

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Um well i wasnt sure to post abt this or not but scince i put my pdn work and my sketches on it i decided i might as well

this site was made for a game i play called sherwood dungeon which there is a link to on my menubar if wud like to try it

i also put together the whole layout for the site, mostly made in pdn put together with a few renderers, i just made the the site 3 days ago so im still updating it but itt basicly finished :P

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Hey I really like the animated water effect! That's very cool!

If you don't mind a little critique, I would like to point out that your site has a few errors and fails the validation test at the W3C website: http://validator.w3.org/

These errors don't seem to be fatal in themselves, but you might like to fix them:

Hidden Content:

Two more points if I may;

1. The page takes ages to load. How big are the images? Are they larger than they need to be (ie being scaled down by the browser?)? If so you're infinitely better to reduce them in PDN to the actual size they need to be - makes for a much faster download time.

2. The left hand nav/menu is difficult to read with the font you have chosen. I'd change it to something a little clearer.

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well im a newbie to site and this is the first actual site site i made completly in html except for the links and photos page because i like how the freewebs versions looked

and i use imgshack because ive used a lot of difrent img host and they all screw me over eventually lol, even photobucket it u use too much space then the imgs will just say uve used all ur bandwith blah blah blah xD and with imgshck i can upload multiple photos at once and if i uploaded them on freewebs they load even slower and ill run out of webspace rlly fast

also i did not realise there was a reason for the following codes "windows-1252" and because b4 wen ive done w/o them the site wud look the same, apparently because thts how its backed up to work w/o it, and not putting tht in cause a few of the other errors..and other then tht the errors were closing tags to unopen element..but i guess tht doesnt rlly matter scince u cant see it anyway xD; however, i did not know abt this site or abt any sites like tht so thx for pointing it out..ill try fix it i guess xD

any suggestions to a difrent site host or img host which is faster? -cuz almost all the imgs r jpg, also i donttrlly realise how laggy it is cuz my computer runs generally fast, even if i clear all my cookies and offline webdata ect. the whole thing loads in like 5 seconds...

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Um ok the whole validate thing is like..messed up or something, its saying there r closed tags for stuff tht isnt open when it is, saying script or no script tags tht arent alloweed in the body when they r..so it works on the page and tht i may have made typos on stuff then suggests what i was trying to type...which wud be the same word

ex:Line 21, Column 129: Attribute "SCROLLING" is not a valid attribute. Did you mean "scrolling"?

so like wtf? lol

And to Simon Brown thx for tht, its looks promising and thought it probably wont be soon because i feel it wud take a while to switch everything over i may switch over eventually but all new imgs will be uploaded on tinypic :P

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im not rlly bothered with the name scince its not gonna be sum big site ppl go to everyday oranything, its just a site i put togther cuz a lot of friends also had made a site forthemselves on freewebs lol

and as for the w3validation thing i managed to fix EVERYTHING, i rlly have no idea how but it says there is 1 'warning' which makes no sence

it says this:

The detected DOCTYPE Declaration "" has been suppressed and the DOCTYPE for "XHTML 1.0 Strict" inserted instead, but even if no errors are shown below the document will not be Valid until you update it to reflect this new DOCTYPE.

but the doctype is XHTML 1.0 Strict WTF omfgg lol

Edit: OMG OMG OMG all i did was ad in 2 break and added sum spaces and now the site says my site is perfect finally xD

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I actually like how you set up the website. It's pretty cool. I've been struggling to make my own website forever now and I can't seem to get it right. But yours is really nice and I like the navigation on the left side of the screen. Really neat!!! 8)

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