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Selection Bug - Possibly?

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This might not be a bug, but to me its a bit odd.

To recreate:

Make a rectangular selection, not in the length to width ratio of 1:1

Then scale the selection so it is in the ratio 1:1 (so it becomes a square selection).

Then scale the square selection in anyway you wish by constraining the proportions. Just press the SHIFT key when scaling.

I expected the selection to be scaled in the ratio 1:1. But it scales it by going back to the original selection and scales from there. It even happens when i deselect, and hit undo once (hence finishing the selection but making the selection still active). Is this supposed to happen? :?

Thanks to Simon for reminding me of this section. :P

Merry Christmas


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There is no way to set the scale tool to clip to a certain ratio. I think what you are reporting is more or less a desire for a feature, one that could not be implemented any time soon (unless, of course, you didn't mind have the selection auto scaling immediately [in other words, more headaches then it is worth]). Hope this helps.


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Oh, I see what you are saying now! I think that this may be intentional, however I definitely agree that this should not be the behavior for this tool. From a users perspective, when trying to interpret what the program is doing, I think that it does some calculations based on the ratio, size, and the content inside when you finish a selection. Then using the scale selection tool will abide by these calculations.

Testing this theory, I created a rectangular shape, scaled it to a square shape, shifted to the selection tool and then back to the scale selection tool, then using CTRL to define an adjustment to the ratio I found that the selection snaps back to the original leaving pixels behind. This, indeed, is a bug.


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