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Request - Alpha to Selection

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There is 1, possibly 2, reasons I sometimes use the GIMP over Paint.NET . The GIMP has "Alpha to Selection". So far as my searching on the forums reveal, Paint.NET does not.

Annoyingly, I tend to want to use this a lot, and It's a real pain hauling it over to The GIMP to do something then back to PDN.

However, if the selection system in Paint.NET doesn't allow for alpha selection, then tell me I'm an idiot and I'll shut up and curl into a ball in the corner.

If there is a Plugin / Feature that allows this, please tell me how / post a link.

Thanks. :)

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PDN's magic wand selects pixels with alpha, but it isn't an alpha selection. Think of a black to white linear gradient, and you want a selection of all the black in the gradient. If this alpha selection was made, then if you filled the selection with a solid red, it would result a red to transparent gradient. Currently this is not possible with selections in PDN. ;)

Merry Christmas


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