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Volutes Plugin




What's this?

If you don't see what I mean by "Volutes", make a search on Wikipedia...

It draws random curves. The curve is pre-calculated and then resized to fit in the image. So the start and the end are at random positions.

Like a fly or like a car, it starts at a point and go ahead. Then it turns left or right randomly and goes on while the width is decreasing, etc...



Download the DLL

Plugin Volutes.dll

ar.pngHere is the DLLal.png



The MadJik's All plugins package is available !



How to install?


Unzip and place the DLL in your Effect folder usually: C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/Effects



The User interface

This plugin is added to the menu Effects, submenu Render.



:Warning: The figure is pre-calculated then depending on how it turns, the result is scaled to fit in the area.

So most of the size amounts are only suggestive.

Quantity of points:

Set the length of the path.

Angle of start:

Choose the initial direction. As the volute is pre-calculated you could change it to try to fill the area.

Angle change factor:

Choose how slow/fast are the turns.

Margin around:

Set the margin to keep the result inside the area or make a zoom with a negative margin.

Initial thickness:

The volute starts width and is reducing till it's end to dispear. Set the initial width.

Length factor:

Set how often it could turn. Low value is often. High value give more like a straight line than a curve.


The volute is made with a lot of segments. Each segment is made with 4 points.

With the steps amount you could overwrite the segments or leave a gap between them.

Fill the volutes:

If checked the volute is filled with the primary color. If unchecked you will have only the border lines. The brushwidth is used for the lines.

Type of dots:

The dots are some symbols added at the left or/and the right of the curves.

Available symbols are : circle, line, diamon, leaf, square, triangle.

See below the picture of the symbols.

Choice of the dots:

Dots could be added at the left or the right of the volute. Ok left-right is suggestive as the angle is always changing.

Size of the dots:

Set the size of the dots. The size is also decreasing as the thickness of the volute.

Angle of the dots:

Set the angle of the dots to turn them.

(no effect with circle and square 1.)

Fill the dots:

If checked the dots are filled with the secondary color. If unchecked you will have only the border lines. The brushwidth is used for the lines.

Distance of the dots:

Set the distance between the volute and the dots.

Adjust to the image:

Check the box to make the heigh and the width fit with the area.

Random generator:

Set to 0, it will be a random value so each change in the UI will give a new random figure.

Other amount will give always the same figure. try to find some values that give a nice volute...



The Examples:











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omg.. this is awesome. Better that the last version. Thanks for the awesome plugin man. :D

Distance of the circles:

Set the distance between the volute and the circles.

Suggestion: Maybe add an option to change the distance between each circle too? Or maybe an option that makes the spacing at the large end of the volute big, but as it twists and tapers in, the spacing decreases?

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Looks very nice Madjik, thank you. UI is a bit massive, but it's a pretty massive plugin.

This will help to render some fractals in

I will try it out as soon as I get back to my PC.

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This is my new favorite plugin!

Madjik, can you can add an option for shapes other than circles(e.g., stars, squares, triangles, random)?


Try making your primary color completely transparent and setting your secondary to something other than white. Then, turn on the circles option and set to the largest value.


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Fantastic plugin! Whilst of course it's not a fractal producer, I love the fractalishy images produced with this. Thank you Madjik! :mrgreen:

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