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How do I make a rectangle within a image a bit bigger?

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It would help immensley if you posted a screenshot of what you want to do. ;)

You could select the rectangle :RectangleSelectTool: with and scale the pixels with :MoveTool:

to make it darker play with Levels, Curves, and Brightness/Contrast. All are in the adjustments menu.

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Yes, but I was a bit concerned about suspicion of advertising, so, instead of providing its URL, I'll post the image in question here. You'll see the rectangle for starting to play the video was an attempt/an "overlay" over something existing stuff (two existing letters), however, the letters are not fully covered, it looks bad.

Many thanks.

Just check the preview, a minimized size, which did not exhibit problem, please view it in its actual size.


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The easiest way (for a noob like me) is to create the "rectangle" on a new transparent layer atop the original image. To resize it, use the "move selected pixels" tool, like LFC suggested. Either click the tool or press "m" on your keyboard. Left-click anywhere in that top layer, then press the "shift" key. Mouse over one of the corner outlining squares (nubs) and move the mouse while holding the left-clicker. The shift key causes the image to resize proportionally along the x and y axes. Release it and you can stretch the image. Play around with the tool. You can move the image around by clicking within the boundaries or resize by clicking a nub.

Another thing you might like to try is MadJik's "buttons" plugin. It seems perfect for what you're trying to do. PS - an arrow may be created with one of the wingdings fonts and it won't look so rough.

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