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Work Done By Me!

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Well Count Rafael is a Guy from my Ogame's Clan (it's a browser game) nd i did the second image to him...what ya think?

I learned some tricks all on my own! ^^

Maybe one day i'll teach them ^^

Well Anyways What ya thnk of them?

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lol os robos na fui eu k fiz xD apenas usei.o como rendering.....os fundos tmbm foram feitos cas renderings xD

He said:

Did you do the robots?

I have Ogame too!

I said: Lol the robots weren't done by me i just used them as renderings....the backgound were made by the renderings too xD

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The Rendering i Used was taked from that but whith some editions it looked better =P (I'm a reall KH1/2 fan!!! and the KH2 hasn't been relesed on Portugal......dam Squaresoft.....)

Sweet! ^_^

I love KH and KH2 XD

Aw it hasn't been released yet over there? Well when you get it, you'll like it! ^.^ A bit shorter than KH but as good = )

Your Rendering is really nice = D



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to do a background like that just pick up a rendering ya like, then put it on a layer and then add another layer, put ther rendering in another place and do this about 10000 times untill you have all the background covered, the save it as BMP (so all the layers will be 1)

then on the background use motion blur and see the effect.......

if you want the stripes......

add a new layer and set the fill type to backward or whatsoever (chose 1 you like) and then set the colour of 1 the secondary colour as black and the primary put it Transparency 0.... if you want bigger stripes put the brush bigger....

then on the last layer you created Gausian blur (1 or 2) or set transparency lower......depends on the effect you want

(sorry about the errors or if you didnt understand a thing =/)

PS: i learned i all alone ^^ nothing is better than try all the stuff and mixing it all xD

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