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[Plugin Request] - Passport/ID Photo renderer

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Hi guys,

I hope this is the right section to make such suggestion for a plugin. I searched the forum but could not find anything, so if in wrong section lemme know rather than deletion

I use to use this application called Passport Photo


I take my own ID photo's of myself with my own camera and right specific criteria for whatever cause the photo is to be used for. What I liked about Passport Photo is it's choice of regional size specifications (US photo size, UK, candian and more) and the way it can render print ready passport size photo's. The latest version of this application supports transparent text overlays, although I have not used this myself..



Of course we can already do all the resize and stuffs in paint.net since beginning but I am suggesting a user friendly dialog method with preset sizes to each region AND with a selection tool for headshots

A reproduced plugin like this Passport Photo app would make a great addition to Paint.NET. I mean has this ever been discussed or thought of before?

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Let me get this straight. You are wanting to be able to have a selected box which you can move around and then choose so you can print your photo out?

If soo...

  • [*:1ouhv5to] Open up rectangle select tool :RectangleSelectTool:
    [*:1ouhv5to] Where it says selection mode, and normal, click on normal twice so it says "Fixed Size"
    [*:1ouhv5to] Set it to pixels, or inches, and type in your wanted size.
    [*:1ouhv5to] Now, switch tools to Move Selection tool. :MoveSelectionTool:
    [*:1ouhv5to] Move around the selection for what you want the photo to be
    [*:1ouhv5to] Once you have it in a good place, press CTRL+Shift+X :Crop:
    [*:1ouhv5to] Save it, and print :D

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