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A few small requests for paint.net

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A few small resuests for paint.net....

1. A conveninet 'replace colour' with colour picker just like photofiltre


2. A gradient recolour tool again like photofiltre's which works once an area is selected.


3. More shapes for when making a selection in an area such as triangle, pentagon, octagon and custom shapes that can be saved too.

4. The support of X1, Y1, X2, Y2 coordinates of the canvas image when making a selection in an area

Everything else, absolutely everything else about Paint.NET is fantastic and just to my needs exept for the four above.

Please developer team, sympathesize with me

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Also, the Recolor tool can do what you seem to want your "color replace" tool to do. I take it you want to replace a specific color through the entire image? Just set the color to be replaced as your secondary color and the color you want to replace it with as your primary color, set your Recolor brush size really high (like 400 pixels), set your tolerance, and go at it.

Photobucket Sucks!

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Thanks guys I will look out for those two gradient plugins when next making a skin. And I will try the recol tool although I could not get it to work before however I think I was not using it correctly.

What about suggestion 3 & 4 ..... what about these??

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For #3, you're pretty much on your own to make the custom shapes. With the selection tools, it's pretty easy to make basic geometric shapes however. This link helps explain the different selection tools, including "Intersect" and "Inversion".

For #4, you're able to make custom size selections using the regular selection tools in "Fixed Size" mode, so you can specify a certain size. You can see the coordinates on the lower right of your screen as you move around and use the up/down & left/right cursors for improved accuracy. After making a selection, you're able to move the selection around on your screen using the :MoveSelectionTool:

If you set a Fixed Size selection, and click (and hold the left mouse button) on the screen, and move your mouse around, it shows the top left coordinate (your x1,y1) coordinate so you can easily position your selection.

So, I'm wondering what else you expect from your selection tool...

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#3 - So how do you make custom shapes (triangle, rectangle, octagons) for the selection tool to be able to save them for use in the 'tools' window??

#4 - Yes I know x1,y1 is there in Paint.NET as fine.

But waht about x2,y2 ???

Take a look at this image I snapped of doing a selection in Paint.NET against PhotoFiltre (click on it)


Can you see the other two numbers in PhotoFiltre as "34, 362" where are these in Paint.NET as these are crucial for my application skin making, I'm trying to bin PF in exhcnage for the more powerful Paint.NET

Please help me into whether this already exists on PDN or if it could be added as an optional show for next/future version?

Please forgive my haste :o

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Simon , I looked at your uploaded image tutorial and have followed your instructions but I have to say this does not seem practical for when making skins and can create a lot of unwatsted time.

Take a look at these image I further snapped:

PhotoFiltre - displaying all four codes (10,10 103,78)


Paint.NET with the first x1,y1 code (of 10,10)


Paint.NET with the attempted x2,y2 code (of 103,78)


..with moving the selection to bottom left as exact as you mentioned

Although your quick fix may just do the trick for now, it does not seem time efficient to the least extent. I still have to thank you for taking your time to come with a current work around for this.

I still propose if Paint.NET can add the display of the other two coordiantes - if possible as a menu option to enable/disable - this way this option would not interfere with the default coordinate display that the developer has for desire

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