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[Feature Request] Shrink/Grow/feather/sharpen selection.

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I know it's been asked several times, and there are work arounds, I would like to request it again, as it is a VERY helpfull/usefull feature. I to am a GIMP user, and recently I've become annoyed with GIMP, and its developers. So I'm trying to find another free alternative.

note: I've been using for 1 day. Sorry if I didn't dig deep enough in the menus for any of these features.

The main things I'm missing in PDN that GIMP has is:

grow selection

shrink selection

feather selection (smooth the edges & make its edges gradient to invisible over a set amount of pixels.)

sharpen selection (remove all feather/AA from the selection, making it solid and jaged)

rawr. Fear me.

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I know it's been asked several times...
Then the developer of Paint.NET will have noted this feature request. There is no point having another discussion if one already exists. The fact there is another topic (this one) will highlight the desire for it.

I hope you can see why I'm going to lock this. Of course, any moderator or the developer himself can jump on in to give their two pence.

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