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There are some really cool pitcures in this thread!

I realize the shadows don't match up with the light source in my picture, but for the sake of composition, I took some artistic license with it.

I needed those shadows on the hillside.

A professional would probably never use multiple objects with different light sources in one image. Unless...maybe he could change how the light falls on each object by altering the levels somehow.

My idea of bliss would be to travel in my own personal hot air balloon.


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Man, there has been so cool stuff since my last post.

It been awhile since I posted last so heres another bliss parody.

Coffee Bean Bliss


I blame the coffee! I was bored what can I say.

About halfway though I discovered that I lost the anti-aliasing and didn't want to restart so ya.

Man, I need to do more posts.

Welcome to were the Past and the Future meet.


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