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How to fill text?

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I would like to fill text with an image, or use a glitter fill to fill text... how can i do this? I have just spent hours looking through all the posts on here and dont see anything on here. I have a website that has myspace layouts and graphics, and we all know most myspace graphics are "glitter graphics"... using noise is not good enough as there are tons of different fills that i need to use. previously I have purchased content for the site, but now that I have this program, I would love to start making my own. Can anyone help?

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would it be possible to link to one you would like to know how to make?

the ones I searched out on the web look like they use twinkly stars etc.

madjik has a plug in to render sparkles. if you want those blinky pictures its a matter of making a series of the same background picture and making a gif.

there are several tuts on making animated gifs in our tut section. perhaps that can help you out. viewtopic.php?f=38&t=26976&hilit=animated+gif

and of course Simon made a plugin


made with noise


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ok, here is the link to some graphics i purchased


and here is the link to a glitter fill


what i did with my trial of psp is

took the fill i wanted used animation shop to separate the frames (each one is usually 3 frames)

then, made the text in psp used the fill tool to fill the text with the first frame of the fill, save, undo, fill with 2nd frame of fill, save undo, fill with 3rd frame

then import all three into animation shop to put them back together...

so that is essentially what im looking to do without paying for psp or photoshop... but it seems like you can only fill text with solid colors

hopefully that helps describe what im trying to accomplish

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