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Newest Image Battle Thread!

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Becauseiwantedto: 1

Simon Brown: 1

Negrumir: 1

Alright, well I can't take full credit for this idea.

No, not like that.

You post an image that beats the previous one, like this:

salad->bunny->fox-> fur coat -> and so on...


1.Nothing unfair, like:


-Chuck Norris

-Nuclear explosions

-The video game Portal

-Shoop da woop

2. No duplicate images on the same page

Can't explain it better than that, try to resize images to 800 pixels at the greatest dimension.

If you don't understand, basically your image has to be something that in real life would defeat in some way the last image. For example:

Person A: *picture of paper*

Person B: *picture of a match*

Person C: *picture of a bucket of water*

Person D: *picture of the sun*

Person E: *picture of a watch (in time the sun dies out)*

Person F: *picture of a hammer*

Person G: *picture of a iron melding oven*


If you can't think of an image that beats it, write POINT {username of person who made unbeatable image}

and then post yours. Okay, let's get this going.


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