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Misleading ad?

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Yeah, definitely. And don't you think the front page should be made more artsy/more paint.net-esque? I mean, it should show what the program can do, right? (Just a suggestion)


WARNING: May scratch, bite, or do any sort of feisty action. Beware.

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I hate to rain on people's bonfire, but your flames are beginning to rage a little too wildly.

I don't think that Rick wants this turning into a 'Pimp My Website' topic. If he does, rest assured he'll start it. As well, we're starting to wander off topic, so let's pull the reigns back to this (previously spotted) inappropriately-placed advert.

As a quickie, I agree, perhaps placing the Paint.NET download button somewhere out of advert ear-shot would be a wise investment of time, if nothing else ;).

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