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Can you remove text from a picture?

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ok how to explain this .

i put text on a pic to put on my website. then i accedently

deleted the pic without the text. is there a way to remove the text from

the picture i have now ,or at least make it less visable

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Hey isis.

The usual method is to use the Clone Stamp ( :CloneStamp: ) to remove - with varying degrees of success - features from an image. You can read how to use this tool on its Help page: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/CloneStamp.html

Providing us with the image might shed some light onto a better method if one is available, but generally speaking, the Clone Stamp is your best bet.

Hope your luck is good!

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Clone stamp can do a good job on a simple image:


Here is the original image


And here is the altered one I made as a joke to a friend.

I had to erase the "WINTER" portion with clone stamp before I could add the "OFFICE" in. It worked well here, and might work well for your image (if we could see it, that is :P ).

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I tried doing this and nothing happened.

Am I supposed to use this like an eraser or what?

I guess I need to view the tutorial before I ask.

Just need to remove text from a banner so I can

redo it for a forum template I'm working on.

The logo is attached. I need it to say Tangisurf.com

Tangible Products Surf Forum


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The Help page on the Clone Stamp will detail how to use it. The link can be found in my first post.

You can also visit this tutorial: http://eulogy-dignity.deviantart.com/ar ... e-71790584

(You will need to click on the Clone Stamp tool icon to fetch the relevant information.)

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I viewed the tutorial but it was a little vague.

I tried doing what it said but nothing happened

other than I could see little dots. I used the lasso

tool and got part of the background and moved it

to the second line of text and was able to fix that

but the top line goes over two different colors and

it's an image and I tried to do the same thing there

but couldn't get it to work.

The videos weren't a lot of help either.

Anyway you can see where I'm at now.


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