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looks great. I just need to figure out how you got those circles outside the line in that abstract. or is that another version. I can get the circles spacing within but not outside.

EDIT figured out the outside circles now ... just need to figure out open circles solid line. can get the line with lines and open circles but not solid line with open circles.

EDIT I see from your abstract that's not possible yet, could it be possibly added? not likely if you've not done it so far.

EDIT one thing that could be possibly added is a button for reset all. not a biggy as you have individual reset buttons but that would be nice.

works fine my end. haven't had any crashes but I tend to do one line one layer at a time. Only thing I find cumbersome now is changing colors.

ciao OMA

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I could add a choice for the circle filled or not, and also a slider for their sizes.

The colorwheel is a way to change the color with the preview.

But I wanted to change the primary/secondary color with the random to 0 (true random) and press Ctrl+F to have quickly a new volute.

With the colorwheel you will have to open the effect dialog window to vhange the color...

It's a matter of choice... and the colorwheel (+transparency) will again build a tall UI...

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which ever way you go on this one madjik, I'll be sure to use it. It is going to be a great addition to the plugins you've already written. I've already ideas on how to work this into my hummingbird picture I'm in process of doing right now.

great plug in already even if you only have in development stage. I await final release with pleasure.


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