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Cannot Save to a Network Drive or open from a network drive.

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Does Paint.NET try to open the mapped drive when you click save as or open ? If it is then I would try unmapping the drives, running Paint.NET, Saveing to the local hard drive. Then re-map the drive and do another save but this time the save as or open box should be in the local folder. So now find the map drive and try again. It could be simple enough as the drives not refrashing or something for them computers.

I had a problem like this when mapping folders out from a Novell server to Windows XP clients. Other then that I have never had any problems with mapped network drives other then slow at times, and the letter it should be using be in use.

If that don't work, are they able to access the drive from windows ? did you make the drives by GUI, script, or DOS. I always found DOS to be best when mapping drives (don't ask why, I just do).

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