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Some tips on "How to make a good avatar/sig"

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I don't know if this can be considered as a tutorial, so I posted it in GD.


Here are some tips on "How to make a good avatar/sig":

1. Check if anti-aliasing is on. A good avatar or a good sig always have anti-aliasing. Example:


2. If your avatar/sig isn't a rectangle, use transparency (note that only PNG and GIF support transparency and Internet Explorer 6 doesn't support PNG transparency (my advise: use Firefox ;))

3. Make sure your avatar or sig is in the center of the image (especially if it is a circle). Why? Imagine you filled a circle selection with black (or any other color or gradient or whatever). Circle selections aren't anti-aliased. So when you're going to radial blur it to become anti-aliased, and if the circle isn't in the center, this happens:


4. Never ever save your sig/av as gif or jpeg, because when you do that the colors turn poorer.

5. If your av is a circle, make sure the edges of the circle don't touch the canvas limit, because when you're going to save the image, the edges turn anti-aliased even if you radial blur.

That's it! If anyone knows more tips, feel free to post them here!

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