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Rounded Rectangle Effect - v1.5.0.0 - 27 February 2017


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Hi All,


Here's my Rounded Rectangle effect. (A full list of my effects is here.)


Rounded Rectangle - Version - 27 February 2017

©Copyright Tim Mathias 2017. All rights reserved.



Menu: Effects -> Render -> Rounded Rectangle...



Example 1

Sample - Rounded Rectangle 1.png


Example 2

Sample - Rounded Rectangle 3.jpg


The Rounded Rectanlge effect uses the Primary and Secondary colours and the current brush width to draw a rectangle with rounded corners into the current selection. The roundness of the corners, the border outline and fill type are user-selectable.


You can have multiple selections (Ctrl key). If there's no selection, it uses the entire canvas. The selection can be any shape (rectangle, lasso, ellipse or magic wand).


After drawing the first shape, you can change the colours and brush width for subsequent shapes without having to re-open the config dialog. Just change them in Paint.NET's toolbars and then press Ctrl+F to paint into the selection with the new colours and brush width.


Note: If you choose corner radii whose sum is greater than the side length, the radii will be scaled to fit the side length. The scaling is indicated by a green bar.


Version - 27 February 2017:

  • Recompiled for .NET 4.6.1.

Version - 14 May 2009:

  • Added a lock statement to prevent multiple simultaneous renders.
  • Removed cross-threaded calls.
  • Removed UI bug where independent radii were overwritten when typing a new top-left x radius.

Version - 30 Mar 2009 (789 downloads):

  • Added a supplementary brush width slider to the config dialog. Note: It reverts to the brush width set in the Paint.NET toolbar every time the dialog opens and when re-applying the effect using Ctrl+F.
  • Added a fill overlap slider. It controls by how much the fill colour overlaps the outline colour. It's useful for removing gaps that sometimes appear due to antialiasing. The overlap ranges from zero to half the brush width. To see it in action use semi-transparent colours for the outline and fill, then move the Fill Overlap slider.
  • Added a Reset Radii button.
  • Added a Show Original checkbox.
  • Improved slider performance.
  • Improved radii UI logic.

Version - 16 Mar 2009 (266 downloads):

  • Added support for the number keypad.
  • Improved outline-fill algorithm so that semi-transparent colours don't overlap.
  • Removed UI glitch when moving radii sliders.

Version (168 downloads):

  • Original.


Edited by Tim!
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That's strange, I found this with no posts on it...

I used it, looks like the best plugin for this as long as you are using the same radius for all sides. The fact that it allows gradients can make some things easier.

Edited by kirby145

"By trying to reinvent the wheel every time we find very often with square wheels" ...X-blaster

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Yes it works with the latest release: Paint.NET v3.5.6 (Final Release build 3.56.3972.42619)

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5 hours ago, mackenzieh said:

I have the updated version but I'm not really liking it. 

If you want to have just  a rounded rectangles tool in older versions of Paint.net you can use @toe_head2001's Roundedrec


Edit: You can also find the code for a version by @xod that allows control over each rounded corner.

Edited by Eli
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