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Mosaic Effect - v1.3.0.0 - 27 February 2017


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Hi All,


Here's my Mosaic effect. (A full list of my effects is here.)


Mosaic - Version - 27 February 2017

©Copyright Tim Mathias 2017. All rights reserved.



Menu: Effects -> Artistic -> Mosaic...




Mosaic 1 - Before.png



Mosaic 1 - After.png


The Mosaic effect converts a drawing into a mosaic pattern and uses the Secondary colour as the adhesive or grout between the tesserae.

Tessera Width: 2px to 100px

Tessera Height: 2px to 100px

Tessera Colour: Centre spot sample or average.

Tessera Shape Irregularity: 0% (square) to 50% of tessera side length.

Adhesive Thickness: 0px to 50px.

Antialias: On or off.


Possible enhancements I might add in future:

  1. Mathematical formulae to generate the mosaic pattern; at the moment it just uses a random irregularity based on a square shape.
  2. Fully transparent Secondary colour so that the underlying image shows through the gaps between tessarae.


Tip: Try using a dark semi-transparent Secondary colour for the adhesive.


Version - 27 February 2017:

  • Recompiled for .NET 4.6.1.

Version - 14 May 2009:

  • Added a lock statement to prevent multiple simultaneous renders.

Version - 30 March 2009 (813 downloads):

  • Original.
Edited by Tim!
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Is it possible to change the tile size?
Yes. Tile height and width of the tessarae can be changed independently using sliders ranging from 2px to 100px. I'll update my original post with a better description.
Also, is it possible to use a fully transparent colour as the secondary colour?
No, but I could add this capability to a future release. Currently the tesserae are drawn on opaque background (it's the Secondary colour with Alpha set to fully opaque 255).
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Was looking for something that could produce more "authentic" looking Mosaics-- Nice job on this plugin, will have to play with it more to see where I can go with it.

One thing I guess I'd like to see, is an algorithm that does a little more conforming to the shapes in the image-- I've used autotrace on images to outline different colored areas, and that begins to get there, but then what I would want is the ability to chop up the resultant segments further, without border slop other than the "grout" thickness between tesserae.

Ultimately, what I'd like to see is something that is useful for taking an existing image and turning it into a plan for a real physical mosaic-- giving me a preview and then being able to print out "actual size" a plan that can be used for actually cutting the tesserae out of real mosaic materials. Essentially, allowing me to convert a computer image or photo into a blueprint for making it into a real mosaic. I don't think I've seen anything quite like that, but perhaps there is something out there I'm just unaware of. And of course, beyond that, being able to integrate other textural mosaic elements-- such as the kinds of things done by real mosaicists such as Sonia King: http://www.mosaicworks.com/gallery/artmosaics.html note the use of areas with relatively skinny slivers, circular islands of pieces-- working with existing shaped pieces, etc. Those are far beyond the scope of your plugin, at least at the moment, but I can dream, anyway. Perhaps some new ways to control the "random irregularity" could be a possible enhancement, like providing an external texture or bitmap that could guide it, giving additional controls over the patterning of the tesserae...

At any rate, fun plugin, thanks...



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Hi Tim, and thanks for this great plugin.

Recently, I upgraded computers, and once I got everything installed, including: Paint.net, your plugin, and Windows 7, your plugin would not work anymore.

I tried uninstalling Paint.net, downloading a fresh version of your plugin.  Nothing.



What happens when I attempt to use your effect is that I get the effect applied to my file, but the dialogue/control box is nowhere to be found.


Further, if I click anywhere on Paint.net, I get the Windows "D'oh!" chime.  It seems like the controller is hiding somewhere, but I have tried <Alt>+<Tab>, and shrinking the Paint window, and shrinking my canvas, and turning on and off all the Paint.net windows.  Your dialogue box is nowhere to be found.  Any suggestions?



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