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My Cartoon Deviations! (Image Heavy)


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Now, this one is for the little children. :) Sorry, adults! :( Here is my artwork of characters you might know from TV and the animation style you might know from the animators. All of these are inspired. But however, all of these are uploaded by me in DeviantART. ;)Hint: Click on the images for original location! (except for 2nd image) :wink:

This is my only Deviation that's my best and highest composition ever yet! :mrgreen: All others are just doodled while I was bored! :P

Bolt/Beethoven Crossover Poster; BOLThoven!


The next image is classified as my funniest Deviation I uploaded! You gotta laugh at this one! :lol::D


Heaven's First

ULTra (Wiki this) Ever Built! Wish They'd Exist in My City... :P


Now, the image below you will see is just like the 2nd one on top, but here, it's Charlie Barkin from ADGTH having an angry discussion with the creator. Come on, kids, laugh as hard as you can! You love cartoons so much like me! :lol:

Charlie B. Barkin -

Butch Hartman (Wiki this) Style!


Hey, remember the Flea Bite Cafe that first originated in the 1993 movie All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 (Wiki this)? Well, I designed a logo! :D

The Flea Bite Logo


So, as to the little children, administrators, and moderators of this forum, how do you like my images? Does it make you laugh like a child again? :D


"Yep! Everyone loves dogs! And most of us love to know what heaven looks like! But however, there's one who thinks that "All Dogs Go to Heaven"! And that's me!" --Myself

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