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Hi, I just started using Paint.NET, and after I have created some text, when I want to edit them later (e.g. change colour, font, size etc), I couldn't find a way to? I know this is a simple question, so could someone please help me? Thanks.

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CommanderSozo's right, but you can edit the color and size and not the font. You can set the tolerance level for the magic wand to 68%-70% to select all your font and then use the selection tool. After, you can change your color by going to Color Tint or Adjustments.

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...and because the text is "fixed" once you have deselected the text tool or shifted the focus to another layer, it's a very good idea to get in the habit of always placing your text on its own layer. Now if you need to edit the text, it's a relatively painless process to delete the old layer and create a new one.

If you have loads of text, keep a copy on a Word/Notepad document so you can simply cut-n-paste it into your image (when the texttool :TextTool: is active).

[edit]There is also Simon Browns incredibly useful re editable text plugin: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=24685 [/edit]

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