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Incorrect colors

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It shows up identically in Paint.NET and MSPaint for me, though it does appear slightly more saturated in Adobe Photoshop. Seeing as it's a CMYK image, though, that's to be expected, since Photoshop is specifically designed to handle different color spaces for professional printing and whatnot (and probably uses a color profile), whereas Paint.NET just generically converts it to RGB.

EDIT: That is to say, Paint.NET just uses the .NET Framework to load the image, and the framework just uses a simple and generic conversion from CMYK to RGB, whereas Photoshop is designed for professional printing, so handles the conversion in a more "professional" manner. I need coffee, because nothing I'm typing is making any sense at all to me.


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I think the problem in the file properties, there is not specified "Photometric interpretation" (i don't know how this translated into English), there should be "RGB" or something like that.

Furthermore this file was created in "Photoshop for Mac" where "Gamma" differs from the "Windows" - machines.

Anyway, Your program is good, useful and stable, thank You for Your patience and attention :)

I think topic can be closed.

And sorry for my poor English :oops:

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