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* salutes *

Ziro is a game programmer (referring to self in 3rd person), and have completed two Flash games. Both use graphics that he made using Paint.NET. (Paint.NET for the win! 8) )

The graphics consist of a hybrid style of pixel art and plug-in effects. Most of the sprites are small (no larger than 100 x 100 or so). Also, these are retro, 16-bit type 2D games, so nothing fancy. (-:

The pictures featured are screen-shots or close ups of sprites of his two games, Blast Force and Laser Stryker.

1). Blast Force - Title Screen. The title font started as squarish pixel art, then completed with some plug-ins, and the menu font is pixel art:

Hidden Content:

2). Blast Force - In action. The game uses a custom-written, tile-based, object oriented engine. All tiles and sprites shown are pixel art:

Hidden Content:

3). Laser Stryker - Title Screen. Started out with a windows font. This image is 11 layers of plug-ins :-P, and some pixel-based touch-ups:

Hidden Content:

4). Laser Stryker - Player's ship (the LS-2912 Fighter Spacecraft). 100% pixel art:

Hidden Content:

5). Laser Stryker - Enemy Guardian alien ship. The top is not pixel art, and the hull is:

Hidden Content:

6). Laser Stryker - Launch Bay. Another long pic. Combo of pixel art and some effects; 15 layers:

Hidden Content:

The following pic is an animated GIF of the main character of Ziro's third, and current game project. There are other poses as well, such as somersaulting, kneeling, and aiming. Overall, I - I mean he - he means he! made over 100 unique sprites of this little guy:

Hidden Content:

Well, that's all for now. Hope you like them.

As you were, soldiers. |-:



Please play my two games, Blast Force and Laser Stryker. (Classic Bomberman and Beamrider) (-:

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