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Really minor bug (?) About-->Go to website + firewall blo

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This is actually a minor bug but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

When I started up PdN last time I was surprised it asked me to access the internet. (No, actually ZoneAlarm told me PdN did)

Considering I'm paranoid about worm/viruses and the like and all things that want to connect I denied it access. I'm especially suspicious about non-internet related apps wanting to access the 'net and "phone home" without my knowing.

Then I went about my work and after a while I decided I wanted to go to the website.

I didn't remember the URL so i just did ABOUT --> Go to website

Nothing happened.

But I also could not close the ABOUT window either. It just hung there hard waiting for access i guess.

I know ZA is the culprit here 'cuz I denied PdN the access to internet in the first place but the result shouldn't be that the whole application hangs and the process has to be terminated with taskmgr.


I also didn't notice "Check for updates automatically" was enabled by default. Guess that was it huh?

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Version 2.64

Also, let me elaborate on the term "hung".

It did not "freeze" up (meaning the app doesn't visually react to input).

I AM able to click on the lower Close button and the X one in the upper-right corner on the windowbar. It just doen't close the window.

And yes I can reproduce this too.

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