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batch conversion / editing

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Hi Team,

Im one of happy user with paint.net that i have installed since last months. :D yeah, it was fun to learn some skill that shared among here..

My situation here is;

i have an huge amount of picture, and the file size of each picture is huge.

- total of picture is 3000 image .jpg

- each file is figure round 1-3 MB.

My question is;

does Paint.net have batch conversion/editing, that i can selected the picture i like, eg 100 picture .jpg, then choose size to reduce, choose quality, and choose type of file to save..

then all my 100 picture .jpg, will be re size at one go

show me on how apply batch conversions using on paint.net.

this is one of future in IrfanView, but i rather stick with paint.net.

Please assists me team. Thanks.

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cant do it with Paint.net, and I'm not sure if it will ever be a part of the program so your best bet is to use another program. Personally I use either the Windows add on resizer or "Easy Graphic Converter". Both work pretty well, hope that helped.


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