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I've been lurking on here for ages and downloading loads of the plugins (awesome by the way, thx everyone). I only recently downloaded the barcode plugin featured in the Publishing section posted by Sepcot (nifty).

I've been playing with QR and MicroQR codes for a while now with some software I downloaded from this site http://www.jaxo-systems.com/download/?lang=en_US - they do a reader for the pc as well as mobile phone.

I was wondering if someone could implement a QRcode generator/reader plugin for paint.net.

I believe there is a package for it in .net I googled it and came up with this;


I'm by no means skilled enough to create the plugin myself, and I'd appreciate anyone willing to give it a go doing so.

More QR Code info; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_Code

I hope the information i've provided is useful.

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Thanks for the info tony912, but we have a rule about replying to old posts (and this was very old).

You'll find all our rules here: Forum Rules


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