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Ok here is my attempts over the past couple of days at some banners. Any help and feedback is greatly appreciated.

My Banners;




Banners I created for a friend;



This is my beginning attempts at trying some different things I have read on some of the tutorials. I am continually reading the tuts and adding the plug ins I need to try and increase my abilities and knowledge.

Mr. Bill



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Welcome to the forums, this is a good start, but here's some advice:

1. Try some more complex backgrounds.

Your work is nice, but it's just gradients and fills, try some effects and renders!

2. Feather your text

Or change the opacity, it sticks out really obviously and is really too loud.

Now, as to the images themselves:

The first one needs text feathering

As does the second one, BIGTIME sorry.

The third one needs a background and feathering

I like the 417Dad the best, it's got the best feathering.

The last one again needs alpha mask or feather and a more creative background.

Keep learning and I hope you can gain some knowledge on this forum!


Changed the text in the signature yay!

PDN gallery!

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