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Dissappointed when I went to print photo's

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OK, I took one jpg, that was not that good, low pixel and used it as my first layer. I then bordered it and blurred half it.

Then I took two other jpg's of high quality, changed the color to a blue, border them.

Placed one in the top left corner and the other in the bottom left corner.

Flatten everything and then used soften photo for everything.

I was very impressed the way it looked, very proud of myself and two hours of work here.

I saved it twice, one as a jpg and the other as png.

Loaded them both on my sd card went to the store and the instant picture machine to print.

I did a 4x6 and a 8x10 and WOW they look like bloody potato. Boy do they look ugly.

extreme pixel

bad colors


random blue spots

motion blur

And they looked so good on my computer.

So, if I adjust any pics thru PAint will they all have the same issue's?

So, any solutions, tips and/or thoughts on how to prevent this with others photos I will do?

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I put the images on my SD card and took them to the store and used the Kodak printer there. I took all three images flatten them, then did soft photo. I did size my canvas to 8x10 The photo looked great in paint. I am wondering if I should have saved in something else besides .jpg.

The back pic I blurred and the other two in corner, all I did was resize.

The end result.


Any suggestions on how to fix for future. I have the issue of the picture going to a massive pixelated nitemare when it prints.


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