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setting transparency mask value in a gif?

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Did various searches and couldn't find an answer.

Due to various IE / Firefox issues with how they handle images and set transparency values, we're standardizing on magenta (FF00FF) as the color since it's least likely to be used in an image.

Now I have two GIFs with transparent pixels in them. They appear as transparent in Paint.NET, Windows Preview, FF and IE. However, when I load one in Paint (not .NET, just regular old MS Paint), the transparent pixels appear black. When I load the other, the transparent pixels appear dark grey.

I could just change the transparent pixels to magenta either pixel by pixel or adding a new layer behind it. But before I do that, is there any way to tell Paint.NET to set the transparency value in a GIF to a specific color?


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MS Paint doesn't support Transparency ;)

I know. In GIF89 format, you include a color palette, and then you can choose which color in that palette should be considered transparent. MS Paint doesn't support transparency, so it shows the "transparent" pixel as whatever color in the palette that was set as transparent. So in one image, that is grey, in the other image it appears black.

I'm looking for a way to add magenta to the color palette and tell the gif that that is the color to consider "transparent". Given the small size of some of these images, I could do it with a hex editor like textpad, but I'm trying to avoid that.

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