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Some of my Work~ - HopetheFangirl


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Ooooh, boy, first post ever on PDN's forum XD

Ahem! That aside.

I've been using Paint.Net for a long time and the only people who get to see my work are those on DeviantArt.

I figured I'd come here and post some stuff too.

Just so you know, this is all fanart for Kingdom Hearts II, but if you don't like KH, please don't let that scare you off, it's still art, right? :wink:

This picture is too large, according to the rules, so I'll just link you: http://ghost-the-echidna.deviantart.com ... -114146008

It's a picture I created for 25,000 pageviews on my userpage on DeviantArt, something that's often celebrated if you've never been to that site ^^

I am not too fond of this one but it's still a bit of my work. One of my few attempts at doing 100% custom backgrounds, with no sketching beforehand to guide me.


This is my absolute favorite piece I've EVER done. Heavily based on a picture of Axel I found on Photobucket, but the subject (Demyx if you can't tell lol) is happier in this one. http://ghost-the-echidna.deviantart.com ... -113585509

I'm creating a new comic, and I was bored one day and this spawned in the hour following that boredom... lol

This is the village that it starts in, and the home of the main character. Very rural, and somewhat based off how Hobbiton is, in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings:


Another area in my upcoming comic, this is an area equivalent to some sort of elven path, or a path to an elven-like city.


And then this is just a little inside joke involving myself and Axel lol http://ghost-the-echidna.deviantart.com ... -110259283

Don't ask. Or read the description below the picture if you really must know. lol

And that's about it! ^^

Or all I wanna show you guys, anyway~ lol

I hope I didn't break any rules D:

That first picture was 800x640, instead of 600...


Wellp, hope you enjoy.

And if you just scrolled through without reading anything,please go back and read some :?

There are links hidden between these pictures lol

Hope you have a great day~


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It's pretty good. You might want to add your name to the thread title so that if anyone uses the "search" functionality to find your gallery it can be located more easily.

I may not be "the best," but I'm PRETTY DARN GOOD!

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