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Using Water Plugin

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Im really new at all this, but I love creating siggies and signatures, and so Im here trying to make them more interesting. I am on step 9 of the sunset tut.I have created my sun, I have the water ready to go, and bam, Im doing something wrong because it is not looking like water and the two layers will not merge down, well the layer that should merge down is not. HELP!!!!

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Forum rules

This forum is not for posting questions, comments, requests, or anything else that is not a tutorial. For that, you'll want this forum.

Please read this thread before asking a question or replying to a tutorial.

In addition, please read this thread before posting a tutorial.

Sorry...post this in the General Discussion and Questions thread. :(


-I may have not been here when you passed away, but you will be missed.-

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As this directly relates to a tutorial, could you ask in there, please? It would help others who might have the same problem to find the answer within the tutorial topic.

Also, as rightly said, remember to post in the correct section. 'Publishing only' is for publishing tutorials, not requests.

Moved to General Discussion & Question.

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