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Any useful tips for cartooning/hand drawing?

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For a longest time, I've been doing sprite comics for fun. So I downloaded Paint.net so I could do better speech balloons and special effects. Now, I kind of want to slowly get into hand drawing so I can hopefully make comics with a little cash on the side. Here's my original sketch:


So I started on the background and here's what I have:


Even though I've seen a few YouTube tutorials and read some online, for the most part, I can't seem to get what I want out of them. Any tips?

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Sorry I wasn't clear:

1) I want to know the best way to draw the figures and perhaps shade (I've seen different techniques; I want to know the best way to do it.)

2) I want to know how to improve the background I made. It seems OK, but for some reason, it looks off to me.

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