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Enlarge selection by couple of pixels

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Hi all,

I can't seem to find how I can enlarge a random selection by a couple of pixels. If the selection is a square, circle or whatever you can 'drag the selection points' (I don't know the correct naming, sorry). But with a random selection the selection is no longer a couple of pixels everywhere.

As always: an image tells more than ...


I would like the black to be equal at all edges.

Anyone can help me out or point me somewhere?

Thank you,


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I believe you are referring to the magic wand, which technically isn't random. If you want to adjust the sensitivity of the magic wand, move the tolerance slider in the top of your screen.

If your just trying to fill in the blank spots between the red and black hearts, just make a new layer underneath your current one ( :AddNewLayer: then :Down: ) and paintbrush in the empty spots.

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Sorry for the confusion, but that's not what I'm after. Suppose you start with just the red hearts and want to add a 2px black border to them. How can I do that? What I did not is indeed select the red with the magic wand and then enlarge that selection by dragging one of the corners, but then I end up with the result as above, in which the black border is not equal everywhere.


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Effects>>>Object>>>Outline Object

That's completely useless unless the OP has the plugin downloaded. Which the other users have already pointed him toward. :-)


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