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Post your poems here (created 3/17/09)

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This topic is for people who want to share amazing poems that they have made, or have heard of before. Please post appropriate poems and do not use other people's poems without attaching the authors original name to it, with a copyright. Enjoy, and here is two poems made by me to start us off...

Hidden Content:
Memories Only Last so Long

A snapshot takes a time and place,

and pools of memory interlace,

carves into your mind what happened where,

and relinquishes images of time and weather.

It summons a calling unto your heart,

carving old information further apart,

carve, carve, carve and more,

and flash, then all is gone and poor.



New is something rather striking,

a vision, a focus, amusing, exciting,

a strange abyss for the human race.

New starts out little and gets bigger into space,

a fearless step to the edge of sights,

discovery is something to reach new heights.

Copyright Bennett Frazier (aka: Gamerworld14)

deviantART | Paint.NET Gallery | bennettfrazier.com <-- (My new Website!)


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For all the wars fought in all the years passed, what has it accomplished?

For the glory of gods who may not exist?

For the lords of the land, covered in blood?

May they be buried deep in the ground they have stained

The bodies that have piled upon others now rest.

Technology grows and nature recedes but there will one day be balance.

For all that we've done, for all that we've seen

Religious ideas and the mindless deceased

For what idea is this worth?

For what land is so valuable?

The pile of dead will ever increase

And no one sees that the land that we kill

For will one day kill us all

And it will be our fault.

Evolution is passed us

Due to our own devices.



Changed the text in the signature yay!

PDN gallery!

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thank you for the first post :D

here is another:

Hidden Content:

The glistening stream ran through here,

Forever it passed and bright it appear,

Its cliffs jut outward with withering trees,

Where glorious birds soar with the breeze,

In search of prey, content and with pride,

The two halfs of rock that subdivide.

I feel like I need to add more but I can't think of anything...

deviantART | Paint.NET Gallery | bennettfrazier.com <-- (My new Website!)


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A little offering from a year or two back

Hidden Content:
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Hidden Content:
Humans Made By God?
your eyes can see,
but your eyes can't see.
The sun, one, and only one.
so many the same,
so many without purpose.
Sky, sky of red.
Red the color, the color I hate.
The liquid flows.
It drips, ripples, and pours.
the scent of blood,
from one that does not bleed.
From the red soil the humans come.
Humans made by man and woman.
What are humans?
Are they a creation of God?
Humans that of which are created by humans.
This is that of which is mine.
My life,
my heart.
I am a vessel for my thoughts.
The entry plug,
the flow of the soul.
Who is this?
This is me.
Who am I?
What am I?
I am I.
This object that is,
is myself.
That which forms is me.
This is the self that can be seen,
and yet this is not of that which is myself.
This strange feeling.
My body feels as if it is melting.
I can no longer see myself.
My form.
My shape fades from view.
Awareness dawns of someone that is not me.
Who is here, there?
Beyond me here.
These people I know.
My classmates,
my friends,
my family,
my enemies.
Who are you?

Hidden Content:
We Create, We Don't Find Life
People always say,
"you got to find your way".
We don't find it,
We make it.
We walk different paths.
You can't lead.
You can't follow.
Our life is a blank canvas at birth.
We are the brush.
We create art everyday.
We draw the lines.
We make the shades.
Ultimately to make a big picture.
That represents the world.
A world that you help shape by,
representing your way.
Your life.
Your heart.
Your thoughts.
Paths may intersect.
But they never become one.
Because Life is art.
Art is passion.
There for we must hold on to life,
with ever passion in our heart,
and no one's but our own.
If we don't the picture falls incomplete.
Because the brush has forgotten a piece.
whether large or small.
One piece of the picture is as important as all.
So live life your own way.
So that we may see the day.
The day the picture becomes complete.
We all have a part in the picture.
So play it.
Even if it is just a small bit.
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Hidden Content:
In vain

In vain the weeds push up through soil
Diligent to see that which they've not
They wonder what it will mean
When they feel the warmth upon their front
They push up and up, everlastingly,
it seems.
Their useless dreams
Then when they find that they've sought
The blades
They come grazing their skin...
Back and forth, one sees it's kin
Screaming out in silent protest
"What have we done?"

^ What did I just write >.>

EDIT: Is it okay to post prose at all?
Hidden Content:
The cold steel clenched around me made it feel as if I was in the embrace of death. I fear for my life; but it almost feels meaningless to me to think about it anymore...it's so close. But still I wonder what merciful God would subject me to this relentless pain. Doubt was all that I could manage to see any rationality in thinking about.

Ruling o'er every thing I knew was a shroud of hatred for my being. We are philosophical beings, we thrive on our thoughts...especially thoughts that we are in fear of....and hatred epitomizes this. When we hate, our fear, our insecurities, our true feelings, nothing is in the right place...that's what we are in fear of...no matter how we see it in our minds. So as I struggle to block my mind from giving in to the torrent of pain my mind was fighting so valiantly to withhold, these things are uttered over and over again in my subconcious. I want it to stop...everything...I want every thought in my mind and soul to be laid torest.

So I give in.

Sensations pass through me as I anticipate my last breath before my mortality escapes me; a billion needles pass through my body, intersecting...infinitely, perhaps, I could not tell. The bite of the dagger I draw from it's sheath, slitting my fingertips ever so slightly, feels good to me now, as if a pleasure, an ecstatic pain, and without a rational thought in my head, I tried to get as much out of this as possible. Eyeing my wrists, I slowly drew the blade closer as my nerves tingle. The tip meets the skin, the pain...oh the joy it gave me, as I go deeper...deeper...the tip submerged in my blood. I draw it in, up my arm...farther...my shoulder...farther...until it reaches my throat, and pulled slowly across it...everything fading away...the abyss ahead was inviting moreso than not.

I wanted to be frozen in the this moment for all eternity. I let out from my lips my last breath...a heavy, relieved, sigh. O'er the plane of existence I once knew, over all, the rhapsodic finality, the last things I should ever hear.

-I may have not been here when you passed away, but you will be missed.-

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New...uh...poem? Prose?

This is real...it's an experimental poem. There is no right or wrong way to write literature.

Title: Lovely sugar bacon.

30 retarded kittens jumping into a tin roof, smelling legos. MOO, the chicken say, "DON'T EAT BAGEL, BAD MEMORY, relapse into communist bana...!" Every ONE KNIT FOR THE ORANGE geese on HUNGARIA in the Moonshine, screech. Molotov cocktails blooming into citrus-y beige, looking like a beluga's candy. Rocketing out into core, the xylophone is empty, moving zebra. Milk! Lonely as limo of michael jackson, little horse, RUN! It caught the fly. KILL THE GUPPIE OF SANTA. Lemon is pepsi fish, into curly mansion. GET THE HELL OFF MY LAWN YOU DAMNED UNICORN PEPPER!??!Why the wind equal felt TOP CARROTS? THEY wrote into happiness...the day of the deer.


-I may have not been here when you passed away, but you will be missed.-

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Yeah I'm a little bit of a spellig and grammar hawk on forums.

yeah well, thats always a good thing. Oh yeah, and we both just got 300 posts, that's kinda cool :D

SPELLIG and grammar hawk. Should be:

spelling and grammar hawk. No one caught it I guess.


Changed the text in the signature yay!

PDN gallery!

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Hidden Content:

How do I smile?

I look in the mirror at myself every day...

Wondering what the point is.

I see a boy who wants

To be loved

To be wanted

To be happy...

Where do I go?

To get this...

Tell me


Where does someone care...

Where does someone love me?

Is there a place...?

Is there any way to get there...

I'd die.

I'd die a million times

To be in that place...


or not

I want to be there.

So please



Just tell me where to go

For someone to love me

Care about me

Give a &lt;No cursing.&gt; about me.

I want it so bad...

I'd go the way of all flesh

For it...


Guide me to that place

Wherever it may be,

I'd love you for it...


If you did that

I'd realize

It's been here

In my mind...

Trying to tell me

That...you've been here

Trying to tell me...

That you care...

But then again,

It might just be my mind

Playing tricks on me again...

For the last time...

Telling me to run from it...

However futile...

So help me

My friend

My angel

My love

To find where I need to be...

Then maybe I'd see

What's been in front of me

For so long...telling me I've been free.

Jeez...I've been so emo lately. =p.gif


-I may have not been here when you passed away, but you will be missed.-

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nice poem, I think that wonderful place you were talking about in your poem is the Paint.NET forums :D

Here is my first sonnet :D

Hidden Content:

Time passes so quick,

Everything all in a flash,

Like throwing a dog a stick,

Those sticks burning to ash.

Joyous memories never seem to begin,

Where distressful moments last for eternity,

The red second hand circles within,

Every second of every day with agility,

The gears inside a clock turn slower they say,

When life is fragile and at points of breaking,

But when people are laughing and enjoying their day,

The clock speeds up to cause everybody an aching,

So please when you hear a clock ticking from its gears,

Destroy it so that peoples' lives extend in years.

deviantART | Paint.NET Gallery | bennettfrazier.com <-- (My new Website!)


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