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magnification request

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request if possible.

Not sure if this is even possible Rick but is there anyway to add some different magnification sizes. between 100% and 200% even just a 150 % would help. ideally 125% 150% and 175%

its hard to work in textures flipping back and forth between 100 and 200 to make sure you haven't lost the look because of the pixelation.

Its probably not possible but you never know if you don't ask.

ciao OMA .

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:roll: I know but when you are on an artistic roll so to speak having to take my hand off the mouse and actually pick out keys on the keyboard well lets just say its hunt and peck for the keystrokes required..... :lol::lol:

just out of curiosity what all would be involved making change like this. is it similar to having to rewrite tools etc? maybe around version 6 or 7 it could be considered ... not a rush just would be nice.

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The "weird shifts in pixels" is because it's using a very basic resampling algorithm to resize the image; it's just for zoom, so it's optimized for performance rather than quality, as opposed to a resize operation which needs to look good.

The irregular intervals is an annoyance, though. If you start at 100%, notch down 1 click and then back up 1, you'll be at 99% zoom rather than 100.

EDIT: just noticed your new sig, crimson. Nice.


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Pyro - I think Rick might be planning to fix that particular bug (100% -> 50% -> 99%) in 3.5.


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