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New features with Kaleidoscope to test.


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1.Exit the number of pieces per quarter. Now I set the number of pieces of the pie.

This allows to have 3 or 5 or 6 pieces that the previous version couldn't have.

/!\ Odd numbers and mode alterned aren't good.

2.Copy all over: The idea is to take the whole picture to mirror, instead a single piece.

I don't copy transparent pixels. And I don't copy pixels with secondary color (assumed to be background).

The result is a average of the copied pixels over each pieces of the pie.

I would like some tests feed back or comments...

Known issues:

.Anti-aliasing can't be implemented (for now?)

.Mode alterned and copy over all: some lines are wrong due to the rounding of coords or colors...

This is the DLL for test in the zip.

http://img7.xooimage.com/files/d/b/d/ka ... c58c88.zip




Kaled x5:


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kaleidoscope hasn't been one I've used too much in the past Madjik so I'm not sure I can give you a great comparison

it automatically used paintbrush width for the pie lines. could throw a few people if that's not what they were expecting. I know this I could work around it by making sure brush width is set first.

since you are working on the plugin at present I'll make a request for an additional feature.

in the past I've made my kaldescope of my layer, added a transparent layer then used the color guide for cropping out the actual kaldeiscope piece . is there a way to make outside area transparent decreasing that step. if not its not a problem. I've a work around and I don't often have to do this.

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