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How do you create a website header/banner using layers?

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I have spent about the last 2 hours scouring through the Help topics, tutorials, and forum posts looking for an explanation on how exactly to use multiple layers after you've created them, so you can combine their various images/text all into one website header. The one tutorial/posting I saw regarding layers was so basic, it only went up to creating the layers themselves, not what to do with them at that point to assemble a header.

Please help!!!!


Erika G.



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Layers allow us to separate different elements of an image for independant editing of those elements. If you want to retain the possibility of editing individual layers at a later stage then simply save your image as a *.PDN. This native Paint.NET format preserves all the layer information (minus History :wink: ).

If you're done editing and just want to combine/merge (aka "flatten") the layers you can either merge them together individually (there's an icon in the LAYERS window - hover over it for a tool tip), or use File>>Save as and specify a single layer image (*.GIF or *Jpeg for example).

I use both these methods to save two versions of the image, the first is editable, and the second for use on websites or where ever.

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Hi Ego,

Thanks for your response, but I already tried selecting "merge" and nothing happened. Could you be so kind as to give me step-by-step instructions on how to do it? I already have 4 layers created that I want to merge into one website header - my logo, email address, credit card logos, and a photo.



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Select the top most layer and merge sequentially down the list of layers.

Sounds like you may have had the bottom layer selected, in which case there was nothing below it to merge the layer onto.

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Are you meaning by the banner the flash animated banner ,or the GIF animated banner? Or you want just merge all the layers in one stop image?If you need the last one then the objects should be on a fully transparent layers then flatten the image(merge all layers together), but if you mean the animated banner then this is a different story, could you make the question more specific?

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