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Sig Battle Thread II Round III Entrants

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Round III Entrants

Theme: War & Terror

To enter, post saying that you're in. Don't post entries yet.

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[reason]Previous Stages[/reason]

Round II Results

Winning entry: Cazaron (10 votes)


Other entry: Becauseiwantedto (3 votes)


Round II Voting

Vote here.

Theme: Technology

Deadline: When the poll ends (about 27th March)

Becauseiwantedto's is 100% PDN.

Round II Entries

Theme: Technology

Post your entries in this thread.

Deadline: 26th March GMT.

Entrants: cazaron and becauseiwantedto.

Round II public entry period

Theme: Technology

Already entered: 1 (cazaron)

Round II courtesy entry period

Theme: Technology

Only cazaron, flow55, and K_I_N_G can enter until 23 March GMT.

Round I

Theme: None

Winning sig (becauseiwantedto; 10 votes):


Other sig (Sharp; 5 votes):


Round I voting

Simply vote in the poll above, if you like you can inform people of your vote in this thread - although poll answers will be counted. Voting ends when the poll expires (in about two days.)

Round I entries

Sincle LFC4EVER can't run the next sig battle i'll step in. Apply here.

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cazaron, flow55, Sharp, and K_I_N_G all entered. I suggest they battle before new people enter.

Obviously only two people can battle at a time, so i'll say they have until the 17th of March to enter, after which anyone will be able to. I'll do the same thing after the first round has ended.

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